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I never gave it much thought to more education past high school when I was younger. That is the most single regret I have now….. Lack of a college education. Now we have all the education we could want right in front of us. I look at the Internet as our own personal library, and school. If we take the time, do searches, we can learn all we want about space, how the body is put together, time-travel backwards to see how things used to be, or even learn that foreign language we’ve always been wanting to, or a host of other things ….all without leaving the computer.

Free education is at our fingertips for all who want it, from small kids to senior citizens, from elementary to college levels. In addition, there are software programs to download to test yourself if you want to see what you have learnt. It’s almost a shame to say that with the advent of computers, and all there is to look for and read, there are still a few people who think computers are the most useless things they’ve seen.

Often times when I’m looking for a topic for my articles, I’ll be reading on something, and one thing leads to another and I’ll get side-tracked in what I’m doing, and forget about the writing and just read all I can about my subject. And there goes the evening in just reading. But I have learnt something new on what I was reading and that was interesting to me.

Open CourseWare is an open learning tool that a few of the big College’s and University’s have now. They put some of their courses online for all to see. Most of it is college level subjects. Places like MIT, Harvard, and University of Virginia have Open Courses on their websites. Not all subjects are there and not all is in order of what you might get if you went to the college itself, but most do have a fairly good amount of Open course listings.

There is no testing with this type of learning, no college credits earned only personal satisfaction of learning something that you did not know before. A lot of the time, if you put into a search box Open courseware history, or science or business, you will get a list of schools that have the subjects in Ocw on their sites. You read and study at your own pace, however long you want to take doing it, or however short a time. It’s better to search by subject, rather by school, not all University’s have OCW on their sites yet.

Some is in text, some in audio and video files. But all is done by the professor’s themselves.