Employers Won’t Hire Online Grads

In time, people eventually learn the difference between a truly valued product and something that seems too good to be true. It is amazing how long this process can actually take especially in a highly developed nation such as the US. It would be nice to think that as “connected” as this country is that inadequacies in well-known industries would be exposed more quickly and more thoroughly. Unfortunately, thousands of people each year still fall prey to the overseas “Nigerian Businessman” scam that has been around now for decades. Online universities are relatively new but the overwhelming response to their acceptance in the workplace is quickly becoming more apparent.

Most people are aware by now that anyone with access to the internet can publish a statement about almost anything. It doesn’t seem to matter whether or not it is even true. Google the name of any online university that you may be interested in attending and you will certainly find at least a few complaints out there just as with almost every other business. The problem is that the majority of the people that post these complaints cannot articulate the basis of their gripe very well. This makes the complaint seem like it is not very legitimate. It is funny how the legitimate complaints with actual documentation drafted by people that can substantiate a valid claim always seem to be removed from these message boards. And yes, large companies, including for-profit online universities have entire teams of people that do nothing but surf the internet and find these negative remarks and have them removed either by persuasion or by force.

Criticism about education that comes from an individual with no grammar skills does not dissuade a potential student. This is especially true when the student mentions during their rant that they had to drop out. This speaks volumes about their character and they just make themselves look like a quitter. Don’t listen to these people. However, when an actual graduate from one of these fine institutions tells you that they cannot get a job with the online degree that they earned, listen to them. Not all schools are the same. Whether or not the school is accredited does not matter if an employer won’t hire you with a degree from that institution.

Many of these schools try to tell prospective students that they have the same accreditation as a more well-known school. For example, an admissions advisor may tell a student that their for-profit online university has the same accreditation as Harvard. Any accredited school has to have accreditation through the accreditation body in that area. So while this is not entirely untruthful, it suggests that a degree from the online institution holds the same weight as a degree from Harvard. Common sense should tell you that they are not equal.

People have a hard time accepting the reality of their situation. They want to believe that it is true so they do not heed the warnings. The people that were “victims” of the mortgage crisis and got duped into signing for loans that they could not afford are the same types of people that want to believe so badly that this opportunity is real. If Harvard would never consider you as a student in a million years, then why is it that this online university is bending over backwards to get you to enroll?