Facts about Homeschooling

Many people in society, whether they are questioning, criticizing or inquiring about homeschooling, often wonder about several important facts that are involved with this growing and popular learning alternative.

Socialization – The fact is that home-schooled children have much greater opportunities for socialization than their public-school counterparts because they are not just sequestered into like-age groups but instead socialize with people of all ages and backgrounds.  For example, home-schooled children may spend time volunteering at a local food kitchen or visiting a nursing home.  They may spend time in libraries and utilize the assistance of the adult library staff.  They often take music lessons and play at church or in other local musical groups with people of all ages.  They also have the opportunity to be with children their own age through church groups, scout troops, and sports teams.  This gives the youngster a wide range of possibilities and creates situations in which they must develop the ability to communicate with many people on many levels.  They also develop self-reliance and independent-reasoning skills.  That is real life, and what better way to prepare children for real life than to immerse them in it while they are growing and learning.

Qualifications for Homeschooling – The belief that only college-educated certified teachers are qualified and able to teach is factually wrong.  It is a fact that parents of all educational backgrounds can effectively home school children.  Along with offering assistance and allowing for self-directed learning children can remain home with family core values, morals and beliefs safely intact.  Books have been written that chronicle parents and their astonishment at how easy it is to home school.  Besides their joy and relief that it is successful, they also learn a great deal and are more educated people from the experience.  The fact is the teacher in the classroom will never love the child or have his/her best interests in mind as much as the parent.  No one wants more than the parent for the child to love learning and develop their special gifts that will serve them throughout their lives.

Legality and Success Rate – The fact is homeschooling is legal in all 50 states.  Requirements vary from state to state, but it is possible to keep children out of public schools and offer them a rewarding and complete learning experience.  The fact is home-schooled children rank far above their peers in college-entrance exams, varied life experiences, ability and maturity level.