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As a female, I understand that there are certain things that only females understand. Its an unwritten code, really. The point here is that any child will look up to someone of their own gender who is successful. A girl battles with beauty and boys and much more drama than guys. If the child or teen being mentored has questions about how to do make-up or is struggling with self-esteem due to the popular chicks/cliques making her feel worthless, a female mentor will certainly help a lot more than a male. A female mentor is more relateable to a female student. Similarly, a male mentor is more relateable to a male student. I think female with female is also a less awkward situation and more comfortable for the female student.

I have never actually been mentored before but I would think that it is rather obvious that a same gender would be more appropriate and helpful for mentoring. If I were a student being mentored I would prefer a female mentor. I would assume (and yes I know that sometimes that is the very wrong thing to do) but I would assume that she would understand me better and I would relate to her much better than I would to a male mentor.

Girls also are very insecure for most of their young lives and are not over-confident. A good mentor can build the self-esteem but a female mentor can build it better. A female mentor would know what the girl needed to hear and what would help her feel better about herself. This is why it would be much better to have a female mentor than a male mentor to tutor a female.

I come from a very small school in a very small town and I would definitely have to say that even though it was small we still had the popular people and it took us years, until high school really, to figure out that we could all be popular in our school and we didn’t need to be superficial. Well….some never did figure it out. The point here is that these girl drama dilemmas occur everywhere. We need female mentors with female students so that they can identify, help and make a girl feel better about herself. Isn’t that what mentoring is all about? And a male would be good as a mentor but a female mentor would not only identify but actually be able to work with the emotions of the girl rather than just her schoolwork and such. The female mentor would actually be able to get involved and help to solve the girl’s problems and make her feel much more positively about herself and her life.