Five Reasons you should try Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is growing faster than the average person knows. As with any new trend, it makes you wonder: “Does online tutoring really work?”

Yes, it does work. And here are five reasons why you should consider hiring an online tutor.

Cost – Here are the facts. Most tutoring sessions require that you hop in your car and drive to a location for your session. Or, maybe parents have to drive their children. Either way, you wallet whimpers whenever its time to prep for SAT or a math test, or brush up on those tricky German verb conjugations. If you want to skip the whole drive-to-the-lesson part, you’ll end up paying more for your tutor to come to your home. On top of that, online tutors tend to be more expensive that online tutors.

Efficiency – Sit down at your kitchen table. Flip up your laptop screen. Open Skype. Click on your tutor’s username. That’s how long it takes to start a online tutoring session. There’s no travelling to a stranger’s home. There’s no rush across town in traffic. Just you, your home and your own comforts.

Flexibility – This is my favorite reason. Say you live in a small town and you need a Spanish tutor because you are headed to Barcelona for a few weeks next summer. Sure, you could probably find a Spanish tutor in your town. With online tutoring, you can find a Spanish-speaker who lives in Barcelona who can teach not only about language but about the current culture as well.

Safety – Let’s face it, sometimes online tutors can be creepy. How many times will they text you “When are we going to get together again for a session?” before they get the picture that you don´t ever want to see them again? Skype- and Google Hangout-based tutoring means you never have to give someone your phone number or address.

Necessity – The numbers are clear. More and more students enter college unprepared for the pressures they will face. Where do they turn for help? Tutors. And students need tutors who are accessible, informed, effective and experienced. Finding that combination of skills on a high school or college campus where tutors already face a heavy schedule of tutoring can be a difficult thing. Online tutoring opens up a whole new range of possibilities.