Florida Field Trip Ideas

Florida offers a great natural climate to allow for outside class instruction on many levels. Particularly with younger children, a simple walk in the park can be an opportunity for a botanical or biology lesson in reference to the foliage, animals or insects discovered along the way. In Coconut Creek (between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton), Butterfly World is a fantastic adventure to learn about butterflies, hummingbirds and bugs. Their website offers virtual tours and fun educational coloring books to get everyone excited about the upcoming trip. Heading south to Miami, the Miami Science Museum, Zoo Miami, Miami Seaquarium, Miami Children’s Museum, Parrot Island, Vizcaya, Monkey Jungle, and the Miami Planetarium are great educational opportunities. Along the way, check out the art deco architecture of South Beach.  

Throughout Florida, there are numerous alligator farms and preserves that offer educational tours and shows which are excellent for wildlife education. Florida’s vast coastline offers an abundance of opportunities to study wildlife, sea creatures, pollution, flora, and fauna. From St. Augustine to Key West, Florida is full of historic locations and stories worth the trip to explore the past and future. A journey to NASA’s Kennedy Space Flight Center in Cape Canaveral is sure to ignite the scientist in all students. Florida abounds with sea life, and a “cool way to sea life” is at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.

No educational tour of Florida would be complete without a visit to Orlando, the home of Disney World, Sea World, Medieval Times, and the Titanic Adventure, among other attractions. If fun is the key to opening doors for learning, Disney World is the master locksmith. Disney offers special educational packages, including overnight adventures. With the huge number of educational experiences available at Disney World that can be tailored to any age group, multiple field trips to Orlando would be an exceptional idea. In addition to Disney, Sea World offers vast numbers of educational programs geared towards children of all ages, including adventures like sleeping with the sharks (in the cave under the tank, of course) and swimming with the dolphins. Centrally located in Florida, Orlando offers more general educational opportunities per square foot than anywhere else in the world, and Floridians have the best chance to take advantage of this fact than all the others that travel from far away.

Florida’s temperate climate allows for outside adventures all year ’round. From a simple walk along the beach or through a park to a major road trip to Orlando, Cape Canaveral or St. Augustine, Florida offers parents the opportunity to educate their homeschooled children with mind-provoking adventures that are world class.