Fun and Education for the Homeschooler can go Hand in Hand

The phenomenon of homeschooling offers home educators the freedom to introduce youngsters to the world without the inhibitions and restrictions of a structured classroom setting. There are many opportunities that are literally at the doorstep of the homeschooler with little or no financial expense involved.

Religion – Just consider the vast amount of knowledge there is to be gained by visiting each and every type of religious institution and religious shrine that is located within a one to two-hour radius of your community.

Museums large and small – Cities offer science, aeronautics, and military history museums as well as showcasing various ethnic and cultural groups and artwork from across the world. However, it is not always the cities that provide such places. Small villages and towns are often great places to find museums that showcase their history. While visiting these communities, also take time to visit the local cemeteries. Nothing tells the history of a community better than grave markers. Also take time to dine at a locally and/or family-owned restaurant. Often these places also tell a history of a community.

Intriguing shopping expeditions – Antique stores can be found in most cities and towns and can offer an array of opportunities for youngsters to learn about history and culture. Thrift shops offer an array of products and merchandise. Homeschoolers can learn the value of a dollar as well as the joy of alternative shopping methods.

Government, the media and libraries – Set up a tour at a government agency. What better way for youngsters to learn about the various aspects of local and/or national government than to actually take a tour of a facility. Taking a tour of a television and radio station will offer youngsters a fascinating and exciting overview of what goes on behind the scenes. Libraries offer the opportunity to explore and learn about everything. Whether it is a large or small library, the value of the experience will be invaluable.

Natural settings, working farms, and county fairs – Parks and beaches offer fun, exercise, and an appreciation for the many aspects of nature. Trees, water, fresh air, and the natural habitat of the outdoors can provide an immense amount of education. Working farms can offer an overview of a lifestyle that many youngsters have never experienced. Visiting a county fair can also help children see first-hand the results of what farms produce such as livestock, and crops.