Fun Ideas to End your Homeschooling Year

Homeschooling is a choice made by the parents based on many different reasons to provide elementary, middle or high school education to their children at home. Among the reasons to choose homeschooling than going to an educational institute may include, religious beliefs and cultural practices, loss of faith on the educational system, confidence in the parents skills to provide a better teaching than at school, better protection from bullying and gangs, less risk of children being exposed to bad  habits…etc. However, such decisions cannot be made haphazardly by the parents but should be done according to the existing laws and should be reported to relevant authorities at frequent intervals.

While homeschooling may give more protection and allows quality time together for children and their teacher parents, it may also have many downsides. Among them, less variations in everyday activities, poor socialization and inability learn teamwork could be highlighted. However, there are ways of rectifying these deficiencies through innovative ideas. End of homeschooling year is a period, which requires such innovative thinking as it may be a time where both children and the teacher parents could become bored due to lack of variation and with the expectation of oncoming holidays.

The end of homeschooling year should never be the same as variation can make the children keep guessing and be surprised when they get to know what is in store for them. Thus, following fun ideas may be of help when it comes to finishing the homeschooling year with a bang and enter the summer holidays with a high spirit.

Arranging field visits at the end of homeschooling year could be a great way to enjoy, build physical fitness, learn about nature and survival skills as well as to freshen up the bored mind. Having learning activities in the great outdoors could also help children learn better and appreciate the nature at the same go. This type of activity can make parent teachers more refreshing in their activities and attitudes while enjoying a more relaxed atmosphere than that existing at the home school.

Going digging as in the case of archeological sites could also be a great adventure towards the end of a homeschooling year. One could obtain information related to such sites from the local education office and according to many who have experienced the same; it can be so exciting for the children as well as for the parent teachers.

Visiting factories and industries could also be fun as it gives the children an opportunity to see what they always imagined as what is going on in such places. Such exploration could make children more avid learners than those who learn just from books.

Planning to watch educational videos at home could also be a good learning experience for the children while it can break the boredom that may creep in at the end of a homeschooling year. The local library could be a great source of such videos while the internet can also provide enough material to make the variation going.

Apart from these ideas, it is also possible to incorporate more game based learning events to the everyday learning programme in order to bring out the fun side of active learning. Video games, self-made board games or even inventions made by the children themselves could be made use of for planning such activities.

Lastly, the end of homeschooling year should not be a collection of dull days but should be filled with expectations and enthusiasm for the kids as well as for the teacher parents.