Fun Ideas to End your Homeschooling Year

For many homeschoolers summer break is right around the corner.  To celebrate the end of another great year and to celebrate all of those wonderful achievements your homeschooler has accomplished, why not try some of these great ideas: family outs, award ceremonies, family dinners, or field trips.

Family Outings

What a better way to end a homeschooling year than by going swimming at your local pool or YMCA. If you are fortunate enough to have finished all of your lessons early, you can take advantage of having the pool mostly to yourselves because other children are still in school. Another great way to celebrate the end of another successful year is to have a picnic in the park.  Bring some family friendly outdoor games to play for fun as well as for exercise.

Award Ceremonies

Homeschoolers usually don’t have the chance to participate in academic award ceremonies like children in brick and mortar schools, so why not have one yourself. Make awards using your computer and invite family and friends over and hand out the awards to your homeschooler(s). Your homeschooler will be proud of the achievements he or she has made and on top of that he or she gets an award to remember those achievements.

Family Dinner

Take your homeschooler(s) out to dinner to celebrate all of the accomplishments he or she has made. This will also be a good time for your homeschooler(s) to talk about his or her favorite part of the school year.  Encourage your homeschooler to talk about his or hers favorite subject, science experiment, favorite field trip, etc.

Field Trips

Learning doesn’t have to stop because it is the end of the school year, take your homeschooler to a museum or some other fun education field trip.  Museums in the city are usually free and if possible gather a group of homeschoolers together to get a group discount if the admission is not free. There are great hands on kid museums, where children will be learning while having fun.

Every child looks forward to the end of the school year, homeschooler or not. Children also like to know that his or her parents are proud of the accomplishments they have made throughout the school year. Family outs, award ceremonies, family dinners and field trips are only a few activities to celebrate your child’s achievements as well as celebrating the end of another successful school year.