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How teachers benefit from using the Teachers Without Borders Teacher Network:

Kevin Ryan had a purpose in life, to be an angel of service for children everywhere.  He started “Teachers without Borders Teacher Network”, which has enabled educators globally, to become better teachers.  It is through the teachers, that he has indirectly touched children’s lives around the world.

Whether a teacher needs guidance in the language arts or health area, there are resources within this network of global professionals. .  Teachers in one country can begin to understand what it is like school are like in other countries, by accessing this unique area.  While it holds many resources within, it, in itself, is a resource, a place to get a taste of what other educators experience.  Too many times, they think that school operates in the realm that they are familiar. There has never been one place to go to read about global issues.  Yes, there are various Internet sites, but there has never been a platform where a topic such as education in an underdeveloped African refugee camp could be discussed.  New perspectives form as teachers look at varied educational systems, reading the views of those from other places on the map.  These countries have an economic  and political climate, unlike that of the United States.

Some countries hold alternate or oradical views and are bias in what they teach. How children perceive the world depends on how they are taught and the content in which is given.  An example is the story of the North and the South in the United States. Yes, history is a story.  Don’t you think that the southern black man was viewed differently by the northern part of the country, even in the fifties and sixties?  It is a whole new world now, with the truth taught about these good people and the truth be known about some of the terrible white men in the north; yet, years ago, there was a slant in the teaching, leaning towards a erroneous view of the then-called Negro.  How wrong that was and thank God we have moved into a new direction of values and treatment of human beings!

This network provides correct information and serves as a platform for people everywhere to educate themselves in truth so that they may pass on that truth to the next generation.  That, fellow-educators, could only be a good thing, with Kevin Ryan as the tool or instrument through which we hold a blessed opportunity to learn more. Through him, we share and exchange ideas through writing, and learn the truth of what story in history has been falsified We then become curious enough to access information, an expansion of what was shared, thereby becoming information-literate and knowledgeable about the truth. 

There are no borders using the Internet when it comes to children.  The only ones are the dividing lines that geography books have.  No longer do we have borders or barriers from what is true, because we are able to access opinions of others and actual facts, through this fine network that Mr. Ryan has initiated! He serves teachers and children well, this angel of service!