Good Reasons for Homeschooling your Children

We live in a world that is changing rapidly, and creating a customized education for your child can be a very appealing concept. If you plan correctly, you have the ability to provide your child not only with a solid foundation in subjects typically taught in public schools, but to add material that could help them have an edge over their peers. Plus you have the benefit of quality time with you child, which is priceless.

In addition to these main reasons, here are some other things to consider that are advantages to homeschooling:


Children are unique. A child who is great in math but has a lack in grammar is typically drilled more in grammar in traditional schooling. That’s not a bad thing, but in the process the things that make a child extraordinary are not developed because of how things are viewed in a pass/fail system. With homeschooling, children have the ability to pursue what they love in addition to the basics, a concept that they need to be successful adults.


I grew up in public schools. Once or twice a year, we would go on one day field trips. When it comes to history and events however, I only got to skim the surface at the locations we visited. Homeschooling allows parents to give their children a more in-depth view of a lot of subjects on location. Often this is far more interesting and makes a greater impact than purely textbook learning.

Ability to meet a wider range of people

In public schools, you’re typically kept with children your same age. There’s not a lot of opportunity to “learn from your elders.” I think it would have been really interesting to learn about subjects such as World War II from actual veterans or talk with a business owner who had owned a business for 30 years. Having mentors in your life is very important to success in any field, and it’s very beneficial to have people like that in your childhood.

4) Ability to adapt

The work world is very different from even what it was 10 years ago, but it’s harder for larger school systems to make changes to reflect this. It’s like trying to turn a barge as opposed to a small speedboat. Exposing your child to leading-edge technology and resources can help them be more marketable as employees or business owners.

5) Standards and values

Integrity, character, and morality are subjects that public school teachers sadly have to walk a tightrope on largely due to the fact of God not being recognized in a lot of schools. This has led to a lot of frustrated and confused young adults. As someone from Generation Y, I’ve personally seen the negative impacts of this and want better for my own future children. Parents should be able to put values into their children without having them undermined when they go to school. You can’t guarantee this, however, so that makes homeschooling an appealing option.

Making the decision to home school children is an important one that a lot of thought should be put into. I’ve liked the idea ever since I was a child myself, so I’ve made a lot of preparations to where my future kids have that option. The earlier you can plan, the better.