Good Reasons for Homeschooling your Children

Homeschooling is a big decision for a family to make. Often it is a great decision for some children in a family and doesn’t work well for other children. What are the best reasons to homeschool your children?

~ Ability to accommodate special needs ~
Relax. “Special needs” does not necessarily mean that you have a child that has severe learning problems. This term refers to a child who learns in a method that may not be met in a traditional school. The child could be extremely gifted and need a different type of stimulation and opportunity. The child could have learning disabilities and who better than a parent knows how to relate to that child’s needs. Medical conditions are something to consider. For example, our family has a gene that triggers an interesting sleeping pattern. We wake early and don’t function after about 3:00 pm if that is the prominent gene. It is very unique and not every family member displays it, but those that do don’t fit into a traditional school schedule.

~ Develop a close relationship with your children ~
The time we spend with our children is precious. If you have the resources and you can spend all this quality time with your children it should be one of the options you consider. You will bond in different and deeper ways when you spend more time with your children, as long as it is quality time. It is a great and viable option for many people.

~ Freedom to travel and make appointments with out time constraints ~
Many life styles require parents to travel and move around a lot. Some times the only consistent thing in a child’s life is the family. In those cases homeschooling makes perfect sense. Then there is something consistent and the child can benefit from the life style instead of form resentment. Think of all the things you could do if you don’t have to be concerned about a school schedule.

~ Protect your child from harm ~
There are some areas where attending a public school can put your child in eminent danger. If you live in one of these communities it seems like you are faced with only two choices. You must move or find a alternate way to educate your children.

~ You have the education and skills to do it yourself ~
There are some parents who have the qualities to be patient, kind and thoughtful teachers as well as parents. There is a level of education and understanding needed to teach the things that will help your children succeed. If you don’t understand geometry, another teacher of some kind should probably handle those questions.

Again, homeschooling can be a great resource. Evaluate each child and situations separately with your head and your heart and you will do the right thing.