Good Reasons for Homeschooling your Children

There are no bad reasons for homeschooling your children, but the good reasons are many.

First of all, the parent is the best teacher for the child. The child is accustomed to asking “Why” and the parent is accustomed to answering. There is no fear on the part of the child and since the parent knows the child, they are aware of how much information to supply. These important facts may not be true of the relationship between the teacher at public school and the average little one.

The parent has already learned how to teach their son or daughter. When the child is learning to use a spoon, hold a cup, dress themselves, tie their shoes, make their bed, the parent is the teacher. It’s a short step to teaching reading, writing, and math skills. Many children learn to write their names and count the years of their age long before they go to school.

And home is safer. No bullies, no guns, or food to cause an allergic reaction. No other children to molest them; or teachers or coaches either. And this does happen in public schools. It may be said that this doesn’t happen often, but once is more often than children deserve. If the child is on medication, they may not receive it at school. Home is safer.

If one looks at the results of public schools today, they may cringe. So many students are not learning the basics, they cannot fully function in the workplace. Lack of basic sentence structure, illogical thinking, a breaking of the simple rules of good communication are all in abundance. And good habits are over-run by terrible ones, such as foul language and rudeness.

And if the parent has certain standards, religious beliefs, or moral teachings, these are not going to be passed on to their child unless they are teaching them. The many hours a child is at school limits the time a parent has to instill these in their son or daughter.

Time with the child is all so important. Not long ago, the phrase ‘quality time’ was bandied about like a ping-pong ball. This was to make a parent feel better about the very little time they had to spend with their children. But to be successful as a good parent, the mother and or father has to spend a good quantity of time with their children. If they are homeschooling, this will be a much simpler task to accomplish.

If then, you want to know what your child is doing all day, with whom they are spending their time and conversation, and what they are learning, then home-school. If you want to spend a high quantity of good quality time with your child, you want them to learn your values and get a good education, then home-school your children.