Good Things about Homeschooling

Getting an education is something that will benefit each person.  However, not everyone needs to be educated in the exact same way.  The problem with the public school education system is that it does not take in to account for the different aptitude of each individual student.  Homeschooling is an ideal educational method for parents who want to provide more private and appropriate instruction according to their children’s needs.  There are many diverse reasons why families choose to provide home education for their children. 

Learning is not a one-size fits all process.  Each child is different and grasps concepts at their own pace.  Children who attend school are pressured by their teachers to keep up with the pace of the rest of the students in the classroom.  The teachers are pressured by the school board to make sure that all of the students pass tests.  Not everyone thrives in such a pressure-filled environment; some children find the pressure to be too much and they turn away from learning rather than embrace learning.  Homeschooling helps children to learn in an environment that is completely removed from the pressures of competing with the rest of the classroom.  Homeschooled children are able to focus on learning at their own pace.

Each person has their own interests.  As children grow and develop their personalities, they should have as many opportunities as possible to get involved in activities that will help them in their adulthood.  Unfortunately, the demands of the school system take up so much time trying to fulfill, that children are often with little time to explore their interests as much as they would like to.  School students typically spend 8 hours each school day preparing for and attending classes.  A child does not need to spend 8 hours each day learning a subject, but because the school day is set up that way, many students and their parents feel that their time is being wasted learning in the school system.  Homeschooling lessons can be taught within an average of about 3 hours per day because there are limited distractions from having to discipline other students who misbehave.  Because subjects do not take up an entire day to be taught and learned, homeschooled students have plenty of available time to devote to their hobbies like horse-back riding, dancing, piano playing, art, and much more. 

The ability to create their own schedules is another reason why some families pursue homeschooling.   One of the reasons why parents choose to educate their children at home is because they are fed up with having to plan their family activities according to the school system’s calendar.  Unlike families that have children being educated in the school system, homeschooling families have little to no restrictions preventing them from attending family weddings and going on trips whenever it suits them best.  Homeschooled students are also able to spend more time working at jobs and volunteering in the community while learning school subjects due to the flexibility their schedules allow for.  Because they can learn at a faster pace, homeschooled students can graduate from their studies early and attend colleges and universities and even start their own businesses earlier than most students who attend school are able to. 

Homeschooling is a great way to give children a private education at much less expensive costs than private schools charge.  Homeschooled children are protected from the excessive bullying and peer pressure that many school students are unfortunate victims of.  Free from bullying and harassment, homeschooled students can thrive and develop self-confidence in their abilities and uniqueness.  Homeschooling is growing in popularity around the world, and many community homeschooling groups are available for families who wish to socialize with other homeschooling families.  Many homeschooling parents boast that their children get more opportunities to socialize while being homeschooled than they did when they were attending regular school.  Homeschooling is also a wonderful way for families to draw closer to one another and develop stronger bonds.