Great Additions to the Homeschool Classroom for Christmas

Create a festive homeschool classroom with the elements of Christmas. Decorations and other activities can teach the students about the true meaning behind the holiday.


The children will enjoy a festive atmosphere in their homeschool classroom if you decorate it for Christmas. A Christmas tree is the perfect decoration. Your child can make the different ornaments as crafts. They can do many different types of art projects from paper ornaments to pipe cleaner crafts. Websites such as Disney Family Fun, Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart provide many such crafts.

The children can make other holiday decorations for their homeschool classroom such as wreathes. Put up holiday lights inside the classroom for a fun touch. Of course, make sure that these decorations do not distract your child, since you want them to be able to learn.

The Spirit of Christmas

Incorporate the important lessons of Christmas into your homeschool activities. For instance, if you want to teach about giving, then you can have the child write letters to residents of a senior center, military servicemen or sick children. As an activity, you can volunteer with them at a nursing home or other community location. You want to teach them how important it is to help others, not only during this special time of year, but always.

Christmas around the world

You can also use the holiday to teach your child in the subject of social studies. Many cultures around the world celebrate Christmas, according to Santa’s Net. Teach your students about how the different cultures celebrate the holiday, and in doing so you will teach them about the cultures in general. You can place pictures on the walls of the different traditions in the different countries of the world. Your child can learn how other cultures are both different and alike.

Holiday activities

You can incorporate many different holiday activities into your homeschool classroom. In addition to the aforementioned crafts, the students can learn about the history of the holiday. This can help them learn about general history. You can even incorporate it into math activities to make it more fun. For instance, a math word question may say that Santa starts off with x amount of gifts and then drops off x gifts at certain houses and the children need to figure out how many gifts are left.  

Christmas offers many educational opportunities for the homeschool classroom. A combination of festive decorations and age-appropriate holiday activities can provide you with a valuable teaching environment for your homeschooled child.