Great Websites for Free Online Courses

These are the best:

1. MIT Open Course Ware
MIT”s extremely wide ranging course materials which are free and open to anyone to read and learn. I am tremendously impressed. There are even some handwritten notes. The courses are categorized by faculties such as Chemical Engineering, Anthropology, Economics, Urban Studies and Planning, and even the famed Sloan School of Management. Then, they are further divided by undergraduate, graduate lectures. There are also videos to watch on the lectures. I am impressed. This is a good way to learn about a subject that you may have a vague interest in, but have never taken it in university previously. You remember the electives that you used to take in school that you enjoyed so much? Now, all this is free, and without any exams at all.

2. Educators Corner: Entrepreneurship Education Resources
This is a site from Stanford University that gives a lot of great multimedia, curriculum and links for people who are interested in entrepreneurship. Listen to the videos by Google, Microsoft, Stanford, Free Press, Jet Blue, eBay. You can now have access to the people whom Stanford invites for talks. How cool is that?

3. Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health
Another free open course ware that gives you unbridled access to the more popular courses at John Hopkins. If you are interested in medicine and health, but don’t want to commit to going to medicine school yet – muck around this site first. How many people can afford the time and money to go to med school like John Hopkins? How you can learn on your own time.

4. UC Berkley Podcasts
Tired of reading? Listen to podcasts on a wide range of topics from Berkley. Topic range is smaller, but swings from The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Drugs and Behavior, to psychological topics such as Human Emotion. Go feed your brain on your free time.

5. TED Talks
Hear the latest ideas in Technology. Entertainment. Design. Videos and Talks. Free. Includes talks by the founder of Six Apart and Wikipedia and the industrial designer for Sony Walkman and the iMac.

6. FSI Language Courses
While you are on it, might as well learn some languages for free. Learn some Cantonese! And maybe I would eventually get around to learning Spanish!