Guide to Virtual Schools

Distance Learning: Fad or Fantasy?

In my years of struggling through community college and private college, I had no idea that my talents could be better utilized without even leaving home. Yes, that’s right, sitting at home and getting a college education has become a reality. Which is why more than half the population has decided that they are going to get more “Bang” for their buck from the home computer or laptop they decided to invest in.

Yes, I know that most of us use our computers for music and mp3 downloads, watching movies, chatting with friends on any number of instant messengers or just surfing the net to find more people like them.

Think of it, all those hours spent sitting at the computer, playing PC games, could also go to getting a degree at any number of online universities in a plethora of degree programs.

I, myself, will be getting my first college degree in March of this year from American Intercontinental University On line in Business Administration. I have found, that with feature’s such as a “Virtual Campus” and step by step instructions on how to use it, to be of more help than originally anticipated.

They even help you get the grants and loans to help you pay for school, offering a variety of agencies for which they work with, to help you through this somewhat grueling process. Live chats help you interact with anyone on campus, from administration and Financial Aid to your instructor’s who set up classroom chat sessions to help you understand the material from class.

Books are shipped to you by the campus book store, one week in advance of the next session and each session is only 5 weeks long, which means you get the education you need in half the time of normal colleges.

You can also take advantage of Career Service’s on campus, where they will assist you in beginning your career after you get that degree with resume writing, interview taking and skills that more employers look for.

If you don’t believe me, just check one out for yourself. I mean, what have you got to lose, but everything to gain.