Higher Education Enrollment Trends for Distance Learning in 2012

In 2012 many people find themselves searching for better career opportunities. The economical slumps have forced the working class to rethink career choices. The need for formal education has increased in the workforce.

College graduates can find themselves earning twenty to fifty percent more than high school graduates and the job market has become increasingly competitive.

The working adult may find attending traditional college classes challenging at best. The struggle between working and family responsibilities is already time consuming. Where does the working adult find time to attend college classes and complete a degree program?

Online college classes and distance learning programs have paved the way for a brighter future. The University of Phoenix may be one of the best advertised online solutions for this dilemma. The University of Phoenix offers a variety of online degree programs and caters to the working adult. The University of Phoenix will require students to write many papers and participate in group discussions as part of the degree programs. The University of Phoenix, like many other private institutions, can be more costly to attend. The working adult can check out the local universities in their state for affordable distance learning programs.

The University of Oklahoma offers working adults many choices in their distance learning program. The University of Oklahoma brings the more traditional college experience to the distant learner. The University of Oklahoma also brings a more affordable college experience. The student will still be required to write several papers and participate in discussion forums but the experience is more like traditional attendance. The University of Oklahoma offers a degree that will be recognized and respected by potential employers. Check with your state and local colleges and universities to see if they offer distance learning programs.

President Obama has recently spoken of the importance of higher education and training for the American workforce. The government offers financial aid and low interest loans to anyone wanting a college education. The working adult can also receive the benefit of tax credits for attending college. The potential student can visit the FAFSA website for more information about financial aid.

There are hundreds of colleges and schools offering distance learning programs and degree programs. Working adults should choose their online learning experience wisely and check with their employer for tuition reimbursement programs.

There is no substitute for work experience but the online degree can increase the bottom line seen on your paycheck each and every week.