Home School Resources

With today’s rise in crime, it’s no wonder that the topic of Home School has become the hot subject. Children are struggling with bullying on a constant base; from not being cool enough because they do not have the right sneakers, to their families not being like the Jones’s.

With low salaries, lack of interest to become an educator and constant cutbacks plus yearly retirements schools have been left tired and disgruntled educators. Many teachers today will blame the parents for not doing their part at home with their children. This might be the case with many parents today; however for those of you reading this article you must be reading for a reason, obviously you want more for your child. This might not be about the teachers or schools. Maybe your military and on the move, maybe your child struggles with a disability that you must attend to for whatever reason you are here.

 Providing an education for children at home is a full-time job. Remember your child will attend school now in the leisure of their own home. The child will have to join community sports and community activities to provide the interaction and exercise that they would receive in their school.

So where to begin is the question. First, there are laws to many states. Some children are educated at home because the parents travel a lot. Some are military personnel and require their children to go with them. For your state you can review the current Laws at the “Home School Legal Defense Association which is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.”

A site such as www.youcanhomeschool.org is another great tool which will guide you through the easy steps to homeschooling your child. You can retrieve curriculum, new ideas and support for your child though these sites as well. For those that are looking for religious teachings you have sites such as http://www.oldfashionededucation.com/ which provide free curriculum. This site provides educational tools from drama, medicine and nursing to reading and poetry.

Many parents are struggling with a child that has learning difficulties. I found this great site called www.resourceroom.net

Susan Jones of Resource room states “Many people consider switching from homeschooling to traditional schooling as a student grows older, for reasons including more challenging content, social and athletic opportunities, and growth and independence.

For the special needs child, the reverse often occurs. It is at home that the student can be appropriately challenged and can become an independent learner”.