Home Schooling Tips for Beginners

Homeschooling has become a viable option for many parents who have begun seeking better or different educational options for their children. The reasons may vary to include protection of religious beliefs, or feeling that the public education system is not meeting the needs of the child. For others convenience may be a factor such as working at jobs that require extensive travel.

Whatever the reason may be there are now many options to meet the educational needs of both parents and students. When choosing a curriculum for your child it is always best to consider the type of learner that your child is. For example if you have a child who is very hands on and uses the computer very little, an old school book, worksheet, and paper curriculum may be a better option to meet your needs. If your child is a little computer guru then an online or a computer based program may be better suited.

Another thing to consider is what your grading or teaching methods are. Do you have the time to sit through and grade each project? Would it be easier for you if the work was tracked and graded online? Also you will need to keep an attendance calendar for the days that you have school in session, as well progress reports for each child. It will also be necessary to know the laws for your state to be sure that you are in compliance. It is recommended that you use HSLDA or the Home School Legal Defense Association, this provides state laws as well as legal aid for its members which can be an invaluable resource.

The main thing to remember when homeschooling is that it is not one size fits all, nor is it regimented like the public school environment. It teaches children to think outside the box, and many times as parent teachers you will need to do likewise. Ultimately it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children have the tools necessary to survive and thrive in an ever changing world. it is our duty to raise respectful, bright individuals, and to instill in them a means of thinking and surviving life outside of a textbook. This is the reason that the writer supports homeschooling. While understanding it is not for everyone, it is the best choice for some.

At the bottom of this article you will find some helpful weblinks to various sites. Time4learning is a site used with the writer’s own children and she is very fond of it. It makes learning both entertaining and educational and is very affordable. She also likes a variety of the curriculum from Abeka as well as Lifepac. General advice is to explore and enjoy.