Homeschool Activities Homeschool Families

Homeschooling does not have to be synonymous with reclusive hermit family.  It seems that the stereotype of home school families is one of sheltered families that stay inside their homes depriving their children of important life experiences.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth!  Homeschooling your children opens up a vast world of opportunities to learn and grow together as a family. 

While many children are spending their days slaving away in the monotonous daily routine of school, home school families can use these ideas to break out of the mold of education by having fun, creating memories and learning all at the same time.

1.   Field trips

What kid doesn’t love a good field trip?  Are you studying about the amazing animals of Africa?  How about underwater marine life?  Many facilities that are open to school field trips are open to home school field trips as well.  Contact facilities such as zoos, aquariums, museums, or places of business to see what their policies are about field trips.  Some allow you to come in just as a family while others ask that you come in a home school group.  As an added bonus, many places not only welcome homeschoolers, they offer great discounts as well if you provide your declaration of intent form.

2.   Park Days

Who wants to sit inside on those beautiful sun filled days when you could be outside enjoying the sun while you learn?  Pack up the books, a blanket and your lunch and head to the local park.  During the day parks are normally pretty empty allowing you to have prime pick over your spot for the day.  Changing the day to day routine of learning helps keep kids interested in what is going on.  Learning about flowers while making a flower chain necklace in an open sunny field will ensure that the lesson sticks with your child all while creating priceless memories with her as well.

3.   Experiments are essential to helping children retain what is being taught. 

Anyone can read about something in a book, but actually seeing what is being talked about really helps the child remember.  Instead of the usual sprout a seed in a cup experiment, sprout a butterfly garden in the winter to be transplanted in the spring time.  Not only do you get to see the growth stages of the plants, after they are established in your yard and attracting butterflies you can also have lessons on the life cycle of a butterfly as well.  There are endless amounts of experiment ideas that parents can pull from.  Many experiments can be done for free by using things you have around the house.  If you really want to go all out experiment kits can be purchased through home school supply websites. 

4.  Extracurricular classes are a great way to get you out of the house and enjoying something new. 

Who says the learning only has to be done by the kids?  Sign up for things like art classes, photography classes or fitness classes together if you have older children.  For families with younger children there are great things like parent involved tumbling classes or swim lessons that are available to take.  The point of taking this route with your children is to create a connection point where you become less of a parent or teacher figure and more of a tangible and available person who is genuinely interested in them.

Homeschool is far from boring; in fact it can be one of the most exciting things your family has ever done together.   There is nothing like the one on one time with your children and watching them grow into their own little personalities all while getting a thorough education at the same time.