Homeschool Curriculum and Links

Homeschool curriculum recommendations and resources from a parent of K-6th graders. Here is a list of my favorite curriculum, books, games,  links over the past 2 years of homeschooling my children. Look at each one and decide which goes with your child’s writing style.

Kindergarten-Zoo Phonics (instead of sing, spell, read and write)

Daily Grams  

Spectrum Reading Workbook  

Houghton Mifflin Reading Textbook & Workbooks (all grade levels)

Excellence in Writing Program (Over Strategies for writers!)

Zaner Blaser Handwriting (all grade levels)

Harcourt Science (all grade levels)

Science in a nutshell kits

Explode the Code (ALL GRADE LEVELS)

Wordly Wise  

Daybook for Critical Thinking

Spelling Connections Workbook

Here are some educational games that are must haves!

Math Countdown! Involves a square wood game, with dice and it will teach your kids ages 5 and up how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by the third game. I loved this game. It taught my 5 year old how to do subtraction and addition in his head within a week.

*GeoSafari  with Educational Cards

Spelling Bee Game

The President’s Game

Sequence –The 50 States (Really fun game for kids and parents)

Math Curriculum for K-6

Mammoth Math- Worktext, focusing on mastering one skill at a time. My favorite of all math urriculum! Highly Recommended, excellent support.

Singapore-Logic Based, teaches high levels but can be confusing to some.

Houghton Mifflin- Colorful fun, manipulatives, online support. Can be distracting to some.

Saxon- repetition and drills, skill building. Simple yet a little boring to some, black and white.

Excel- Not complete, doesn’t hit all the standards I have learned, more for catching up to skill level.

Math U See- Others swear by it, but for my family, all the pieces this includes would be gone in a day. If you child needs to touch to learn maybe this is right for you, if they are a visual or auditory learner, I would not recommend, my kids that are good at math, don’t want to build anything to answer the problem they just want to do the math problem and this slows them down.


Character Studies

Amanda Bennetts Unit Study Courses

Homeschool Resources, Unit Studies, Great Help!

A to Z homeschool Resources

Reviews of some Home Schooling Curriculum Unit Studies