Homeschool on a Budget

Many parents would like to homeschool, but choose not to because they believe that the curriculum costs too much. However, there are ways to homeschool on a budget.  Always remember to shop around and compare prices. Depending on your chosen method of homeschooling, a formal curriculum is not always needed. Don’t feel pressured or rushed to make a choice. Remember the old saying “Where there is a will there is a way”, that saying holds true for budget homeschooling. If you just say to yourself “I will find a way”, then you will find a way. Here are some tips and resources to help get you started in your journey.

The first place to look for curriculum/resources is your local library. Here you can often find resources that you can use for free.  Also, many times libraries will place books up for sale that are very inexpensive. The library is excellent with the unit study method, although it can work with any homeschool method.

You can also contact your local school district to find out if they are getting rid of any textbooks. Many homeschoolers do this, and often school districts will sell old textbooks for pennies on the dollar. Sometimes if they just want to get rid of it they will just give away.

Thrift stores are another place where you can find inexpensive resources. You can not only find books at the thrift store, you can find school supplies like binders.  Stock up on what you can to for use at a later date, ex.  If they have 2” binders for $0.50 buy up as many as you can, and store them for later use.

Check your local dollar store for resources and supplies.  Dollar stores will often have outdated resource books, and almanacs. These can be good for studying historical events.

Connect with a local or online homeschool support group. Often times these groups with sell the used curriculum, sometimes they may just give it away to you. These groups can also give you great tips and advice about planning your homeschool year. Sometimes you may be able to find a local co-op; these are a great way to share knowledge and resources.

Find used book fairs/stores in your area and online.  Google used homeschool curriculum, you will find a lot of low cost resources, but like I said before, shop around. Don’t just buy something because it’s on sale.

EBay and Homeschool Buyers Co-op (link under resources) is another good resource for finding inexpensive used curriculum.