Homeschool Socialization Books Listening Realistic Expectations

I’ve been a homeschool mom for fifteen years now. I can’t say that I’ve been the best. My children will tell you that. Nobody is perfect, but over the years we have learned some things. Most of all we are a close family and not too hard on each other. We have had fun. So what have I done over the last fifteen years to keep a possitive homeshool environment? A lot. Maybe these tidbits of information can be a help in your homeschooling endeavors.

You have to be on top of things. Procrastination is not a good thing in a homeshool mom. If you’ve got it, you better get rid of it. Order the books you need ahead of time, If you don’t know how to do a course then have some back up available. We have a teacher at our church who is more that willing to help with the hard math courses. I’ve also bought well reputed teaching videos to get us through. Do what you say you are going to do as far as your life is concerned. If you want children to get up at a certain time, you need to be the example. If you want your children to be readers, then you better be reading. Of all the advice I can give, being an example is on top of the list. They learn life skills by example. The math, science, english, etc, learning are made easier by your attitude toward them.

Be realistic. We don’t have a school room in my house. We don’t run a traditional school. Our children have attented the public school system for years in a row and have sat in a desk for more hours than they can count. They would rather have a desk in their room, but most of the time they are at the kitchen table, sitting on the couch, on the back porch in the lounge chair, or on their bed. I’ve happy as long as they are studying and learning. Our books have been hand-me-downs, borrowed, and bought on Ebay, A few were bought new. Our favorite place to buy new books was Christian Liberty Press. You don’t have to have the most expensive stuff to make a smart kid.

Listen. if one family member can’t stand the course, why put the others through it? I am an avid supporter of finishing what we start…and a particular course may be a total pain, but we get through it…once. If your “student” is absolutely bored, then something is wrong. Listen to them, fugure out a solution. You might just have to ditch the subject for another one, but have discretion. It’s one thing to be totally bored, it’s another to be lazy.

All four of our children say they like homeschooling much better than dealing with the things that went on in public school. it wasn’t necessarily the teachers or the studies for them. It was the gossip and junk that went on and on with their classmates and they had to put up with it. They had no say in the matter. So did we become hermits? Absolutely not. They socialize a lot. They seill have friends fom their public school days. They work at a local camp so they are in front of a lot of peers…and mingle with them. Socialization is just another part of having a positive home school environment. Take time to listen to them. Offer suggestions. Be visiting with good families, go to church, be part of a camp and even help…be on staff. Wow! That’s fun. Also, let them make a few decisions. It shows trust. Remember that they will have to make their own decisions some day.

It’s all part of being a positive home school mom. I’ve ready to have a positive sixteenth, and last year, of homeschooling.