Homeschool Sports Disabled Children Special Olympics Church Lions Club YMCA

Children that are homeschooled still need activity and sports in their daily routines.  Sports can help them build muscular skill sets that are important to their physical growth as well as allow them to stay in shape.  

Another good reason to look at various sporting activities when homeschooling your children are to help dispel some of the critical notions that stereotype this method of education.  Critics of homeschooling are always quick to use lack of socialization and inactivity in the children in their criticism. Times have changed and this no longer has to be the case. Homeschooling as a whole has become more recognized.  As a result, today’s homeschooled students face a wealth of opportunities for extracurricular involvement including the world of sports. The parents and students can work together to find the option and sport that works the best for their family.

The public school system offers many sport programs to local students.  Many towns have recognized the need that homeschooled children face and no longer exclude them in all of the extracurricular activities.  Another bonus is that your child already has friends with neighborhood children and they would already know some students on the team. This helps the child’s comfort level in exploring a new activity.  Not all schools will offer this option to homeschooled students, but do not get discouraged as there are still other avenues to explore.

Look into local clubs or chapters devoted to the homeschooler. These are other parents who are in the same boat as you are, as are their students. In addition to sporting events and teams, these clubs often organize other events that would be of interest. Field trips to get hands on experience with subjects. A chance to meet others and share ideas and lesson plans.

Many communities offer sports which are not involved with schools or churches. Usually you can check with your local community or town center to find out more information. For instance, a small hometown will sometimes offer Softball sponsored by the Lion’s Club. The registration and fees would go through that organization. YMCA’s are scattered throughout the country and offer a wide variety of sports.   Usually the cost is determined based on your membership level with that organization. 

Many churches offer some type of sports programs.  If you are already a member with your church you might want to check into what is currently being offered.  If your church has a large youth base but is not currently participating in sport activities work with your youth teachers, directors, and leaders to see if there is something that could be offered to help meet that need.  It would be a sports environment in a healthy and safe environment.  

This article would be remiss if it didn’t mention that even if your child has a disability there is usually a state program that will offer them the ability to participate. There is a Special Olympics program which is a great program for the students that qualify to make use of it.  It also helps those with a disability gain confidence in their abilities.  Students who are visually impaired that live close to a state funded school for the blind may be able to participate in their sport offerings. The schools for the disabled usually offer a wide range of activities the children can still perform. While this might not work for everyone it is well worth the effort of researching your area and its offerings. There is no reason to hold a child back from enjoying something because of a handicap. 

Finding activities like sports to enroll your student in is very healthy for both of you. Oftentimes in a home school environment parents and children spend too much time together. Children need some space to develop outside relationships. They need to have fun. In a lot of cases where the child is inactive spending a lot of time indoors for school and play activities, they will need the exercise the sports programs offer. There is never any harm in testing a few programs out and seeing how they work for you and your child.