Homeschool Tips for Single Moms

Single moms have a unique challenge when educating their children from home in that most of them also need to hold an outside job in order to make ends meet. There’s no reason she can’t homeschool, it just requires some extra planning on the part of the mom in order to be successful. These tips can help any single parent successfully teach their children.


The homeschooling single mom will need to plan her day and her child’s day accordingly. She will need to squeeze in the school work between her job and her day care situation unless she has chosen an enrichment program for her child as a daycare situation.


It’s easy to be creative when it comes to school work. The creative mom can assign her child reading assignments or worksheets during the time she is at work. A simple book report will show that the child has read the book while the worksheets will speak for themselves.

A wide variety of historical movies, English literature movies, craft programs and cooking programs can often be enjoyed together for a unique source of curriculum opportunities.

Unschooling is another option for the busy single woman who has chosen to teach her children at home. Unschooling basically allows the child to lead the way for education. That’s not to say the child gets to play all day, rather the child is able to focus on an interest that he or she may have and expand that as part of the education process.


Homeschooling moms may choose to use an enrichment program in lieu of a regular daycare. A program that offers classes in dance, theater or other such opportunities will often fulfill a major portion of the education requirements for the state in which she lives in .

Unique jobs

Many choose jobs that allow them to have their children nearby. They might work form home online or making and selling crafts. They might run their own daycare or provide an errand service for someone. There is a wide variety of jobs that allow a parent to work from home while having their children nearby. Working from home the mom can oversee assignments and encourage the child to focus on their education while the mom is earning money for their living expenses.

Shift work

Some single moms elect to use shift work and be at home during the school hours. A trusted friend or relative might be at the home during the work shift to help keep an eye on things for the mom.

Following these tips will give any single mom the opportunity to homeschool her child if she so chooses.