Homeschooler needs and Resources

A basic and core set of materials are needed to establish and maintain a successful and innovative homeschooling program for youngsters of all ages.  At little or no cost, parents can create an array of tools and resources that will stand the test of time and open up the intellect and creative soul of the homeschooler.

Supplies – Writing and drawing utensils as well as various types and sizes of paper can serve many purposes.  Magnetic boards with numbers and alphabets and board games can offer endless learning and creative possibilities.  Toys and objects such as building blocks and an Etchasketch that offer an interactive and creative outlet should also be a part of the homeschool.  Books and magazines on all topics should be available; however, for optimal possibilities, the homeschooler should have a library card to the local library.

Technology – With a computer the student can access programs and information on all subjects such as math, geography, languages, history, and science, to name a few.  Television can be a great learning tool if the homeschooler utilizes it for the purpose of viewing appropriate knowledge-based programs from reputable sources.  A tape recorder is an invaluable tool for a variety of purposes.  Musical instruments are wonderful learning tools, and most can be purchased quite inexpensively.

Space – There needs to be a designated area/room in the home in which the student can have all materials available and easily accessible.  A room such as a guestroom or bedroom should be large enough to hold all materials with shelves, cabinets, compartments and desks.

Record Keeping – The homeschool coordinator (i.e., parent) needs to keep solid and reliable records on the homeschooler’s academic progress.  Some states mandate this and will expect parents to provide this information on a yearly basis.  Therefore, it is imperative that the parents know what their state’s expectations are as well as knowing of any forms or documents that should be completed in order to successfully continue with homeschooling.  Having a contact list of other homeschoolers in the community is also a great way to share information, ideas and resources.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect homeschool.  The exciting part is that the parents and their homeschoolers can be as creative and diverse in their needs as they wish to be.