Homeschoolers have best Relationship with Siblings – Yes

Normally home-schooled siblings get along much better than siblings who attend public schools because of the time they spend together each day. It is a known fact that people are closer to people with whom they spend more time, and homeschoolers are no exception. They spend a large amount of time every day with their brothers and sisters.

In homeschooling, they learn to enjoy each other as they share the things they are learning, help each other when they have problems in their school work and work on projects together. It has been interesting to watch the older siblings take their younger siblings under their wing and help them learn things that they themselves have already learned, or teach them how to play games that they play. They become very close friends as a result.

A homeschooling mom was pleasantly amazed the other day when her fourteen-year-old daughter helped her six-year-old sister understand her numbers. The mother had been struggling with helping her learn her numbers in order. It just didn’t seem to be sinking in at all, and she was wondering if it ever would. The youngest daughter learns much slower than all of the other children and simple things that the other children had no problem with just don’t seem to make sense to her. As they were playing, the fourteen-year-old made up a unique worksheet, and within just a short period of time had taught her little sister how to do her numbers in order.

Have you ever noticed the lack of harmony among children who attend public schools when they are in their own home? They are almost total strangers to each other. Each one has their own set of friends, and heaven forbid if one of their siblings should try to enter the group. They are constantly bickering and arguing over very simple things.

Siblings who attend a public school spend most of their time with their school friends. They become so involved with each other that they rarely have time for anyone else. When they do arrive home, the last thing they care about are their brothers and sisters. They want to call their friends or go to their friend’s home. Siblings become just a bother, and something to only be tolerated when necessary.

The public school teachers also have a tendency to create competition and jealousy among their students by only recognizing and praising those who please them in some way. This has a tendency to carry over into the home life with siblings. It especially becomes a problem  if the parents favor one child over the other.

Home-schooled siblings have the advantage over their public schooled counterparts because of the enormous amount of time that they spend with their families. Each one learns to love and appreciate the other, and many times siblings become the best of friends. After all, home is where the heart should always be.