Homeschooling Activities that Families can do together

Homeschooling families have a unique advantage to their public schooled peers, the world is their classroom. Yes, that’s right, the world. They don’t attend school boxed up in a little room sitting at a tidy little desk with painted on smiles waiting for a teacher to tell them how to do things. Homeschooled children are learning everywhere they go. 


Visiting a museum is a great way for a homeschooling family to spend time together. They can explore a world of yesteryear, a science display or any other array of displays in a wide variety of museums and come away with a vast amount of knowledge.

Many homeschooling families combine one activity such as visiting a museum into an entire curriculum for a set of subjects. They might visit the museum and discuss things, go home and write a report on the trip and then build their own creations that resemble something in the museum. All great ways to learn about the world around them.


Fairs lend themselves well to homeschooling as well. Animal displays teach children how to care for a living animal. How to feed, water, sheer or milk and treat these animals. Additionally if the children own their own animals and display them at the fair they are sharing this information with others.

If crafts are more of the children’s interest fairs have a wide variety of those as well. Children can often learn hands on how to spin wool into yarn, how to quilt or sew and many other great skills that are often left in yesteryear. Sharing this experience together as a family is a great way to bond together.


Every child should know some basics of cooking. What better way to learn these basics than cooking a meal together as a family. From chopping up vegetables for a stir fry or an omelet to cooking a fancy holiday meal children can learn from the beginning to the end how to prepare a wholesome healthy meal for the family.


After visiting the museum and fair and coming home to cook there needs to be some relaxation. Why not put in a family oriented video and spend some time together. Families can make great use of educational videos either purchased or borrowed from the public library or even on everyday television.

With so many choices out there for educational videos any family is sure to find something that everyone likes and can learn from.

Social Activities

Many are concerned that homeschooled children aren’t socialized. Socialization isn’t too difficult for a homeschooled child. Join a gym together, take a dance class, try out a tae kwon do or karate class. Get to know the neighborhood kids, join a youth group or a church. Spending time with others is easy with any of these ideas. The more involved children are the more socialized they are so don’t worry when friends and neighbors ask about socialization.

Homeschooling is a great way for families to remain close and spend quality time together. These are just a few of many possible activities that families can do together when homeschooling.