Homeschooling and its Gaining Popularity in the 21st Century

Homeschooling has gained popularity because it enables families to safeguard the values, morals and joy of learning that their children have begun to develop prior to attending a government-operated institution.  Every child learns differently.  Once families began to realize that, they stood up for their rights and subsequently those of their children that would allow the child to learn at their own pace away from the public school setting.  Even with the best and most “certified” teacher, it is impossible to teach to every child’s learning style and pace.  The public schools know this, and therefore, they have begun to teach to the lowest common denominator (i.e., the slowest child).

Families have discovered that they can successfully cover the same material, on a daily basis, in a couple of hours that would take the public school classroom a day, or a week, to cover.  Because of interruptions, behavioral issues and dictated schedules, there is no successful flow to the learning.  One child may understand a concept while the child in the next seat does not.  It is too much of a game – too much like the lottery with the odds being against most ticket holders, and, sadly, most children, and ultimately, society loses.  At day’s end, the child comes home beleaguered and depressed, and begins to view learning as a form of hard labor that is not supposed to be enjoyable.

The exciting and ever-growing lifestyle of homeschooling is moving at a quick pace, and there are already books available telling of the success stories of second-generation homeschoolers.  The resources are countless.  Whether it is books, websites, magazines, or the next door neighbor who taught their children, information is out there.  The conscientious parent need only seek it out to find that this expansive learning trend is an opportunity to find your child’s passions, interests and ultimate success and happiness in life.

No one knows your child or cares about your child’s welfare and future as much as you do.  Since the last 20 years of the 20th century and now well into the 21st, society is realizing that homeschooling is here to stay.  For example, testimonials tell of parents and children whose lives have been changed by homeschooling.  The family becomes closer; time is put to better use as children explore their environments and build relationships with people of all ages and walks of life.  Parents become “unschooled” from their own previous experience and begin to learn.  The desire to learn in all family members grows like a wildfire that cannot be extinguished…ever.

Every learning possibility is available because it is all there for the taking.  For example, it is legal to homeschool in all of America.  Opportunities are available for children to socialize and learn with their peers in homeschool groups, church, sports teams, through musicianship, and in apprenticeships.  Homeschoolers also consecutively score higher on college entrance exams than their public school counterparts and also adjust nicely to college curriculums and environments.  Homeschooling is not limited to those with money, either.  This phenomenon covers families from all socioeconomic backgrounds and in all geographic areas.  Whether living in a large city or a small town, homeschooling is gaining popularity and is well within the dreams of everyone who dares to consider it.