Homeschooling Benefits of Copywork

Copywork refers to the process of copying, or writing down words, figures and symbols. Doing so can be an aid to memorizing information, exploring creative writing and learning how to form letter shapes and numbers, and eventually make sentences and communicate effectively in written format. It’s very popular as a learning tool for children who are being home-schooled as it’s such an effective manner of gaining knowledge.

Learning how to form letters and numbers

Young children can be taught how to form letter shapes and numbers via copying what they see before them. Having a visual aid to replicate provides them with material to refer to and establish whether they are writing correctly or need to make adjustments. Copying the alphabet and numbers in this manner can help them focus and concentrate too.

Learning how to write words and sentences and do sums

Once children can copy and understand letters and numbers they can move on to learning how to string words together, and do simple math. It can help to replicate basic sums and sentences so that their meaning can be learned. Eventually children go on to writing words and sentences without copying so often, although doing so can still be beneficial to older children as-well as younger home-schooled students.

Exploring written creative processes

As children progress further they begin to recognize that different writers use language in a personal way, via their writers voice, when being descriptive. This can further aid children’s understanding of language, while providing them with a glimpse into the creative writing process.

Aid to memory

It’s been discovered that when people write down information this helps them remember it better. The act of physically writing engages a different part of a child’s brain than when they learn via listening, watching a film or talking. By utilizing all of these methods of teaching and combining them where appropriate children can be helped to learn more effectively.

Copywork used to be standard practice as a tool for learning facts and figures in the past. These days it’s become a modern aid for home-schooling, as-well as being used in classrooms in public schools. This is because copying written work helps children memorize information and learn how to communicate well in written a written format. It can also help them learn to read, as they constantly refer to letter shapes and forms they make as they replicate work.