Homeschooling Benefits of Taking Time off for Holidays

Homeschooling families have the flexibility to adjust their schedules to accommodate any holiday they choose to celebrate. Some people feel that holiday breaks aren’t necessary when learning at home because the school day takes less time than those in public school. However, it is still beneficial for families to take time off from any schedule to celebrate what’s important to them.

Mental break for students

No matter how many hours a day a student commits to learning, it’s still exhausting. Learning new concepts on a daily basis, being involved in activities that require problem solving and keeping up with a workload gets to be too much after awhile. Taking time off occasionally gives the student a chance to step away and recharge the mental batteries required to retain information. It helps the student start back with a fresh attitude. While learning is necessary, it should never become an obsession. Taking holiday breaks shows the student that there is more to life than just doing schoolwork.

It also gives the student a chance to get away from the family and find some things to do on his own, if he feels he needs to. Spending time with other relatives or friends and doing things he enjoys is a great way to remember his individuality. He can spend time with him friends who attend public or private schools, allowing many opportunities for socialization and blowing off some steam.

Time off for parent teachers

Parents do more than simply teach. Unlike a teacher in a classroom, they don’t get to teach for several hours, grade the work and go home to a family life. Life for a homeschooling parent involves researching the topics, compiling the schoolwork, teaching the lessons, taking care of younger children, cooking, cleaning and running errands. For many parents, it may also include leaving the house to earn income for the family. Parents need a break from such exhausting schedules even more than the children do.

Taking time off for the holidays allows the parent to set aside the teaching for a few days and focus on other areas of running the household. Traveling during the holiday is a great way to get away from everything and just enjoy each other. Often, parents use these breaks to prepare schoolwork for the next few months or catch up on paperwork required by their state.

Passing on traditions

Another benefit of taking time off for holidays is that parents can teach the children about the particular celebration. Regardless of what holiday is celebrated, most families have specified reasons why they choose to celebrate it. Taking time off from regular schoolwork allows the family to focus on the holiday and pass along traditions that are important to them such as spending time baking for family and friends. For the homeschooling family, learning takes place every day, regardless of what is being taught. They find ways to celebrate in a manner that teaches the children as well as allowing them to have fun.

Getting out of the house

Many holidays present opportunities to get out and travel. The family may travel to spend time with relatives or to visit historical places, giving them the chance to see things they’ve been studying about. Some holidays allow the family to volunteer their time to those less fortunate, giving the children a lesson in reality while teaching them to give of themselves. These life lessons are just as important as the academic lessons they normally focus on.

There are several benefits of taking time off for the holidays when homeschooling. Recharging the mental batteries is important for the whole family. Having opportunities to travel makes memories the kids will carry with them through adulthood. Teaching the children about particular holidays while passing on family traditions extends the lessons they learn when doing their schoolwork, bringing the classroom to life.