Homeschooling for World Religion as History

Homeschooling for many parents has become the only viable option available to them.  Often parents wish for their children to have a religious upbringing for a variety of reasons.  

Separation of the church and state has brought about the removal of even the Pledge of Allegiance within the classroom. How then, can parents rely on an educational system that will not teach their children even the rudimentary history of the worlds religions. Some Charter schools offer religious history. Those are rather expensive and hard to locate. 

Christian or Catholic schools are also expensive and in today’s economy when one or both parents may be unemployed, and many families simply cannot afford to even purchase the school uniforms, much less pay for the tuition and classroom supplies.

For those families that are of religions other than christian, such as Buddhist or Wicca or any of the other world religions, schools that teach their family’s beliefs simply may not be available where they live, especially if they reside in a rural or non metropolitan area.

Young people need the morals that religion can bring to their lives and without such they are more likely to fall prey to many behaviors which are ultimately proving to be the downfall of our impressionable youth.

The beginnings of religion in the various parts of the world are the very fiber of history itself.  How can parents not teach their children the history of the world in which they live.

Religion has shaped this world, both positively and negatively. How can parents not teach their children about this.

Many wars have been fought in the name of religion.  Christians made war on Wiccas and the Jewish and Christians don’t agree with each other.  The Egyptians worshiped many gods while enslaving the Jews to build their temples. Without religious bias Hitler may have been a minor footnote in the pages of history.  The wars of the Middle East wouldn’t be an issue without the religious beliefs of the many factions involved. 

Religion has shaped how people perceive the world around them. Take Darwin for example. He was persecuted for even suggesting the idea of evolution over creationism.  It may be wondered what people would have thought the dinosaurs were if not for him.

History has taught humans that to be ignorant of it they are doomed to repeat it and the same goes for religious history.  Does anyone really want to repeat World War II?  Parents would rather home school their child to include religious studies and emphasize all world religions rather than just their own than see their child lacking in an educational fundamental.