Homeschooling Information and Resources

Since the turn of the 21st Century, an abundance of information on this exciting education alternative has become easily accessible and available to everyone.  Thousands of books have been written on all aspects of this exciting phenomenon.  For example, there are books that explain how homeschooling began and also of the struggles and challenges involved in convincing society and governmental authorities that parents had the right to keep their children out of public schools and to homeschool them.  There are books that offer lesson plans and explain how to discover and encourage your child’s unique and special learning gifts, abilities and talents.  The greatest gift and resource, however, are the books that tell of the success stories of first- and second-generation homeschoolers.  These real-life stories chronicle homeschooling through the eyes of parents as well as all children who participated. 

The best way to obtain information about homeschooling would be to first understand the homeschooling requirements of your state.  Requirements vary from state to state, and it is important that parents realize what is expected of them in order to avoid any problems.  However, as legislation on many issues is often changing, it is best to also stay on top of changes by visiting your state’s legislative website periodically.  Another great site is  This non-profit homeschooling advocacy organization has been assisting families with homeschooling legal issues since 1983.  Another great one is  This website offers resources, information and answers to the many questions families may have about homeschooling.  Seek out local support groups within your community that can offer insightful and valuable firsthand experience.  There are also conferences and workshops available also.

Interestingly, much of society sees homeschooling as a new alternative.  However, the fact is children were schooled in the home up until 1850.  Since then the government movement to categorize and label children by age has been an ongoing way of educating the masses.  It has been proven to be very unsuccessful for most children because it diminishes the child’s desire to learn and has created the misguided belief that learning is work.

Because of a new group of pioneers who have stood by their beliefs and affirmed the fact that homeschooling is the most viable and common-sense alternative to government-run public schools, homeschooling is now legal in all 50 states and those who wish to educate their children in the home do not have to be certified teachers.  Statistics show that two to three million children are learning at home, and the number is progressively growing.