Homeschooling is Fun

Parents considering homeschooling for their children may be well-acquainted with the benefits of homeschooling: increased family time, opportunities for moral education, individualized instruction and attention, and protection from peer pressure and bullying. But homeschooling isn’t just characterized by individually-tailored academics and family values; homeschooling can also be quite a bit of fun! Homeschooling offers flexibility, freedom, and opportunities for field trip . . .which adds up to a lot of fun.

Flexibility. Homeschooling affords a family lots of flexibility. On a daily basis, families can adapt their study schedule to their daily needs. In the long-term, families can take holidays and vacations when they want to and are not bound by the school calendar. Flexibility isn’t just convenient – it is also fun. Students are free from the drudgery of the school routine. Whether they are early birds or night owls, they can tackle their studies at their optimal hour for learning. They can enjoy impromptu field trips, take breaks when they need to, spend more time on a particularly challenging area of coursework, or work ahead if they are particularly motivated. Flexibility is fun – and it also allows students to work at their own pace, tailor their daily schedule to their unique rhythms, and learn at their own pace.

Freedom. Homeschoolers have a great deal of freedom. Freedom from the rules and regulations necessary to keep a class of 15-30 children in order, freedom to use the bathroom or move around when they need to, freedom to spend time with their family. They have the freedom to complete their schoolwork at their own pace, neither rushed and confused nor idle and bored from following a class tempo. They have the freedom to explore their own academic passions and learn in the context of their favorite interests. They have more free time, since they do not spend time with transportation to and from school, transitions between class periods, time waiting for their peers. They have more freedom to play, which is not only fun but also vital for children’s mental and physical well-being.

Field Trips. Field trips are a rare delight for students in traditional schools. With increasing pressure from standardized testing scores and tight budgets field trips are often squeezed out of the schedule. But field trips are a fantastic way for students to get hands-on learning time and experience history, science, geography, or fine art in a dynamic, sensory, engaging way. Homeschooling offers children the freedom and flexibility to devote time to field trips, both locally and farther afield. With homeschooling, overnight or multiple day field trips are even logistically possible. At an even more adventurous extreme, some families choose to “roadschool” their children – homeschooling while traveling. For families for whom travel is affordable and feasible – or for breadwinners whose jobs require extended travel – homeschooling on the road is a unique opportunity for a family to stay together while traveling and to get first-hand experience of the nation’s history, geography, culture. Students can complete bookwork and assignments while traveling and also see museums, national monuments, and varied geographical landmarks while experiencing a great family adventure.

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