Homeschooling Projects for Mothers Day Gifts

Holidays are a special time for homeschooling families because of the variety of gifts that can be made for friends and loved ones. Mother’s Day gives children the opportunity to focus on their mothers, who are most often their teachers, as well. The possibilities for gift projects are endless, encompassing practical ideas, personal gifts, silly choices and more.


Most mothers enjoy receiving flowers as a gift. However, they don’t necessarily have to be real flowers. Silk flowers are easy to arrange for children of all ages. Browsing the craft stores for Mom’s favorite colors or types of flowers is exciting. Find a nice basket and use either moss or Styrofoam as an anchor. Finish off with a pretty bow and it’s ready.

With some help from an older sibling, a bare tree branch can be transformed using paper blossoms. Pink tissue paper is cut into squares. Cut green tissue paper to the same size. Clue a square of green paper to the pink using a glue stick. Place a dull pencil into the middle of the pink side of the tissue paper and twist to form a bud. Using a glue gun, attach the buds throughout the tree branch. Use several branches, as many as desired. Cover a small, empty can such as one used for canned vegetables, with construction paper. This can be glued or taped on. Decorate as desired and use to hold the branches.


A favored gift to give, cards are easy to save for long periods of time. A simple card can be made by drawing and coloring a large picture of a house. Pick out a few favorite pictures of members of the family and place where the windows of the house would be. These can either be taped or glued using a glue stick. Older children may be able to make this card using cardboard.

Decorating a greeting card using fingerpaints is a fun way to make Mom feel special. Fold a piece of construction paper in half. On the outside cover, paint a flower. Use the thumbprint for the middle of the flower and one finger for each each pedal. The thumb can be used for the leaves, as well. To make a heart, draw a heart with a pencil. Use the fingers to leave prints along the outside of the heart, following the line. Fill the inside with a solid color. Paint a message, if desired. On the inside, write a special message or copy a poem.

Useful gifts

Allowing Mom to have some much needed time to herself is always a great gift. Bath salts are an easy gift to make that any woman will enjoy. First, find a jar or container to use that has a lid. Mason jars used for canning fruit are great choices because the lids can be decorated easily. Bath salts can be made by adding 1/2 cup sea salt with one cup Epsom salt. Add a favored fragrance oil and food coloring, if desired. Use the hands to mix thoroughly Spread onto a cookie sheet lined with was paper. Make sure the layer is thin to allow it to dry quicker. When the salt is completely dry, place into the jar. Decorate with a ribbon for a personal touch.

Trinket boxes offer the maker a lot of freedom to be creative while providing a place to put things that would otherwise become lost. A plastic food storage container is a great choice for this project. Items such as buttons, beads, ribbons, pieces of colored paper or other trinkets can be glued onto the container to decorate as desired.

Any gift that is made from the heart will be appreciated. For homeschooling families, making these gifts can double as art to fulfill schooling requirements. Many of these gift items help develop fine motor skills while encouraging creativity. Making something to show Mom she is appreciated is a perfect way to incorporate homeschooling into daily life.