Homeschooling Teens Pursuing Apprenticeships in your Homeschool Plan

Homeschooling and public schooling is as hot a topic for controversy as abortion and right to life issues. The arguments for not homeschooling can range from socialization of children to true education concerns.

The real motivation behind the controversy is money. Money paid to the schools if your child is enrolled there and monies they lose if they are not.

Education is a business as any other business. The problem is that business of education has not been well cared for as it should be in the wealthiest country in the world. Every year more parents become concerned about education and welfare of their children in the public school forum and rightly so. Too many graduates cannot read past an eight grade level and many schools now are dangerous for the people involved.

True that security is becoming a more prevalent concern for schools in the new millennium but that is little comfort to the parents whose children were in the war zone of schools across our country.

Homeschooling your children is a challenge that will have life affirming implications for you and for your children. It is important to begin by exploring your reasons for homeschooling. Are you homeschooling for the best education your child can get or for some other reasons. Homeschooling takes dedication and discipline. It requires keeping up with state requirements for public schooling if you want your child to be accepted to college. If you want your child to attend college it will be important to be available for testing. You will have to prepare your child for the differences in homeschooling and public schooling especially if your child has never attended public schooling. The testing is an invaluable tool to show your child’s level of education. The home schooler will usually find they are advanced to public schoolers simply because the teachers in public schools are often over crowded and have no time for real one-on-one teaching as home schools are able to give.

It is vital for one or both parents to have a flexible working schedule. You will be busier than you thought finding school takes up a large portion of your time and energy.

Curriculum will take your studying all the different types and what you feel is most important to the future of the child. Children who enjoy reading and studying will be as much of a challenge as the child that has a comprehension problem. Simply because they get bored easily and finish quickly. Finding a challenging curriculum for them will not be easy.

If they are teens you find yourself studying as hard as they do to keep up and try to stay a step ahead of them.

If there are studies you are weak in you can find other parents strong in those subjects and share your strengths with them. You can find places and people who will help you also with apprenticeships.

Use the computer as a teaching guide. The information available on the Internet is immense and at your fingertips. It is also available twenty fours hours a day. Talk to other parents who are homeschooling. They are invaluable sources of information and guidance.

Look for satellite schools. Satellite schools are wonderful for support and testing and usually hold a graduation exercise for those who want the ceremony and the paper diploma. They are also vital for college bound home-schoolers because they keep records of the testing and schooling practices on each student. Satellite schools almost always have classes available to parents who are struggling with certain subjects.

Finding the delicate balance of life and schooling is a challenge but it is rewarding. Being an active part of your child’s education assures you have the quality and the depth of their education. Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to instill the values you are concerned with as the core of the education process without interruption from other adults in authority roles.

The most important asset to homeschooling your child is the ability to know your child in a way that escapes many parents because the separation public school requires. You know how the child learns and what he is capable of learning with out difficulty. If the subject matter is going to be difficult for your child in particular you will know him/her well enough to find a way to teach. There are so many different ways to teach and each child deserves the right to learn in the best way for them to remember and the best ideas for using the information taught.

You will also be afforded the opportunity to teach the proper way to interact with others as you will most likely be with them in social settings.

If this sound like a challenge you wish to be involved in you will need to know what your state requires of you as a parent to teach your child at home. The states are all different. Some states require certain education requirements from the parents and some require very little of anything. The paper work is usually simple but definitely required. It is important the state knows your child is getting an education. Waiting until the state finds you is not the recommended course as fines can be imposed and some states will even require you put your children in a public school until decisions have been made about the quality of the homeschooling you are doing.