Homeschooling Teens Pursuing Apprenticeships in your Homeschool Plan

Thanks to the freedom that Homeschooling has given her, my 14 year old daughter has had a chance to persue her own interests and concentrate on her talents. She has travelled around the state, competing and winning many vocal competitions. At only 12 she was given the opportunity to speak to Elementary age students from several different school systems, encouraging them to “Follow Their Dreams.”

She has performed with the Gaylord Symphony Youth Orchestra, the rock band “Grounded” the punk band “The crunks” and had the opportunity to fulfill 2 of her life long dreams. The first was to meet Billy Gilman, country singer. She was able to do this when she 10 years old. She recieved back stage passes, had a photo op with him, and got to see New York, all at the same time. Her second dream was to see “Phantom of the Opera” performed live, which she was able to do this last January. Her goal is to someday perform in the role of Christine.

She has been heavily involved in theatre, and is now making plans to help younger children perform a summer play. She works with both the adult and Youth Theatre groups in our home town, as well.

She has been an avid volunteer with younger children at the domestic violence shelter here. She also volunteered 2 days a week at the thrift store, which raises money for the Shelter programs. She learned to do everything from price goods, to wait on customers, run the cash register and count out the till.

Last summer she organized and helped to facillitate many activities at our area Youth Center. She also hosted a concert, silent auction fundraiser, bringing in over $750.00 for the Youth Center and it’s programs.

Recently she won the local level Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, and will soon be competing for the title of Miss Michigan Outstanding Teen. Her platform was sprituality in youth. Her goal for the summer is to establish a new youth center, where teens can learn about God and ask questions about spirituality, in a safe, and friendly environment.

I believe so strongly that learning for children and for teens, was never meant to be a hum-drum, boring experience. Our children must learn about the world, and about life, and they must be able to discover their potential and follow their dreams. By opening doors for them, our children and teens learn that they can do anything, go anywhere, be anyone. We can’t just simply tell them that, while keeping them at a school desk. Instead we show them, by simply letting them do what they do best!