How can Mentoring Programs Create Safer Climates for Sexual Minority Youth

In todays climate of so much negativity about what sex really is doing to the children – by mostly the adults – it’s time they were helped in a very different way. My reasons for feeling like this is because I am the result of child abuse, by adult minds, and adult bodies.

As a young innocent teen, I grew up with very strict rules (religious rules,) about sex. One being the one commandment of “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” I only wish I had been taught, there were adults, out there,( in my case grown men,) who raped! This was not in my commandments.

I don’t really know that I even gave the word, sex, a though in the broad use of it today. But, something deep inside me knew, that I had something that was very special to me. All I know is, that I wanted to hang on to that thought. It was pure. It was clean. It was good.

These seemed good enough reasons to want to. Truth is, I didn’t know any better. Then, sex, was not a subject on the school’s curriculum. As for my parents, all I saw was, what I believed. A perfect love for each other. I believed (if I married,) that’s what it was all about. Just pure love.

But in my early teens, my father’s friends (the local cops, and the church secretary,) displayed actions which shocked my innocent mind, and turned me away from one side of men. I wanted nothing to do with them. Yet, still the young trusting open mind that I was, accepted a lift by two men of about 35, to some family friends. I stupidly believed and accepted, as they said they were going that way.

Instead they took me to where they stayed in a caravan (their work spot,) keeping me hostage, and raping me overnight. I prayed to God when that was happening to me, “to lock me away from all men,” and to this day, I believe He did. Years later, as an adult, despite I had children, I, the me that is my mind, still remains virgin. This is why, in a pureness of mind, I want to help others believe in this side of goodness.

Deep within me, where no-one can reach (unless like now, I share,) I still carry that something very special I can talk about, This is, a virgin mind. So give the children and the youth a new lease on life in their sexual knowledge. Something worth keeping until they know the meaning of what it is, to remain a virgin.

These days I believe it would be a discipline; but not a bad one. Maybe a hard one, but not impossible. Sex, is many things. But Love? Teach them the real meaning of the union of a word, called Love, when it comes to that something special worth knowing, is. Helping, in a different way, is better than knowing nothing. To know it all must spoil some of the mystery.

Despite my body was soiled, I fully believe it would be so nice to help all children old enough to learn, that for a change, to remain a virgin is a much more rewarding start to their love life. Knowing it all text-wise might help; being a professional at what the word sex today is, even a disadvantage. It’s a used, second-hand use of, what should be and could be, the mystery of what that first Love is.

For me? Something I can only wonder, when I hear others talk. But I can never know. The very reason I believe it is worth waiting. For this I do know, it was the pureness of that thought of something special, should be every dream. Despite if you are female or male. Why not turn the meaning of the word sex, back to where it was. Simply the definition of which sex, you are. Male or female.