How Homeschooling Online Works

Online homeschooling has made teaching children at home much easier than before the Internet was available. The option of using online curriculum resources has made homeschooling cheaper than traditional methods while opening up more topics for children to explore and learn. There are a few different ways to utilize online homeschooling curriculum.

Online charter schools

One option for homeschooling online is to use a charter school. While there are private schools that offer this method, most of the charter schools are run by the state and offered for free. Most of these state-run programs provide a computer to the student to use while they are using the program. The student logs in to view his assignments for the day. Most of the assignments are completed on the website. Books and other material necessary to complete the assignments are provided for additional help. The student is allowed to do as much work as he is capable of. What doesn’t get completed gets added to the next day’s work load. If he completes his work, he is free to move on to the next day’s assignments. This allows the student to work at his own pace.

Students who utilize a charter school have the ability to receive tutoring from teachers that work for the school. They receive evaluations and testing just like children in public schools. Some schools even have dances or other social gatherings for the students to attend, as well as graduation ceremonies and diplomas. Therefore, the child receives the same benefits as if she attended a public school while having the opportunity to learn at home.

Free or paid resources

While online charter schools are a great option, many parents choose not to use them. Instead, they subscribe to sites that offer lesson plans, such as Time4Learning or Monarch. The prices vary from one site to the next. Many parents save money by utilizing free resources online. One way to accomplish this is to take the time to locate resources to teach each subject. Homeschooling parents typically look for lessons as well as videos and hands-on activities to ensure the child receives a multi-sensory education. Others utilize websites that have gathered these resources and organized them into weekly lesson plans, such as Lesson Pathways.

There was a time, before the Internet, when parents who home educated had to pay high prices for boxed curriculum or work with the resources available at the public library. Now that almost everyone has access to a computer, online homeschooling has opened doors to more options and resources for homeschooling families. This presents parents with the opportunity to offer their children the best education possible from the comfort of their own home.