How Taking a Distance Learning course could Boost your self Esteem

When you have low self-esteem you tend to be overly critical of yourself, believing that you’re not as good as everyone else, whether in relation to your looks, your intelligence or your personality. It can therefore be difficult to make yourself try new experiences and to find things which challenge you, as you prefer to stay in your own little corner where you feel safe. However, if you’re ever going to break out of the cycle of self-esteem and start to like yourself more and accept that you’re no better or worse than anyone else you have to make an effort to change.

You could do worse than to take a distance learning course, as by furthering your education you will be able to accomplish something that is worthwhile and which could help you in future. You will be able to prove to yourself that you can do anything that you try your hand at and that as long as you work hard you will succeed. Plus, you may be able to connect with other students online and establish a buddy system to keep you motivated to continue on with your studies. At the end of your distance learning course you will have obtained a qualification and a sense of pride in what you’ve achieved.

There are other alternatives to distance learning, but when you don’t have much confidence in yourself the thought of having to study in a traditional learning environment may be off-putting. At least with distance learning you can study when you want to and you don’t have the pressure of attending lectures and seminars and meeting students and tutors face-to-face.

Often, low self-esteem and depression are interlinked and so it may be difficult for you to stay positive about your chances of success.  However, there is usually enough support on offer from providers of distance learning that you don’t feel as though you’re completely alone, whilst neither do you feel overwhelmed by all the attention. You can basically get in contact with someone when you need to and you will hear back from them pretty quickly.

When you complete an assignment you will be able to feel good about yourself for having reached that stage and when you receive feedback on your assignments you will be able to accept the praise and learn from any mistakes you may have made. Ultimately, your tutor is there to encourage you rather than to make you feel disheartened so that you’re inclined to quit. Therefore, even if you don’t do as well as you’d hoped you will no doubt receive some positive comments which you can focus on.

All in all, just being able to stay motivated to finish your course and then coming out with a qualification should give your self-esteem a boost and help you in whatever you decide to do next with your life.