How Teachers Benefit from using the Teachers without Border Teacher Network

Teachers Without Borders (TWB) is a 501c3 non-profit global non-governmental organization (NGO) and network that supports and unites teachers around the world for the purpose of sharing ideas and reaching out to communities on a broader world educational perspective.

There are TWB locations in the USA (Seattle), Nigeria, Canada, Kenya, Australia, and South Africa, helping to benefit teachers in countries on a regional basis. 

Teachers the world over are committed through TWB to helping those in need around the world with their knowledge, advanced skills, and teaching expertise. At TWB teachers can not only network but also take courses or design and write courses. Teachers and communities in need of assistance can look to TWB for teacher training, help in refugee camps, and help with administrative roles. 

 The benefits of sharing and networking with TWB:

* A teacher from North Carolina, USA founded a 501c3 non-profit organization to support teachers in Guatemala.

* An American (USA) community teacher visited the Philippines and found that many mothers have to leave their country in order to educate their children – she wants to go back to the Philippines and help the educational system there.

* From Lebanon, a teacher wants to introduce new ideas and courses to the global community.

* A teacher from Ghana wants to learn more to help develop her community.

* A teacher from the USA wants to train teachers and administrators in developing countries.

* A teacher from Greece wants to exchange information about teaching methods.

* From the USA, a teacher wants to train students and employees from other countries – “high-risk students and adults in the workplace.”

* A USA teacher works as a volunteer teacher in natural disaster areas and post-war refugee camps in third world countries.

* In Indonesia teachers work together to publish a teacher networking magazine.

* Another teacher wants to meet other educators to share and exchange technological and educational materials

* A teacher wants to advocate for children with learning disabilities.

* A psychology major in the USA is working on how trauma affects learning

* A homeschool teacher wants to “bring greater vision to her own students” and to her community. 

These are just a few examples of how teachers are sharing ideas and uniting in a common global cause to reform and bring new meaning to teaching around the world, through Teachers without Borders. 

Teachers benefit through Teachers without Borders in many ways:

* Teachers want to contribute their knowledge and expertise; and also learn from other teachers.

* Teachers want to bring global perspectives to their classrooms.

* Teachers want to give back to other communities and to their own communities.

* Teachers want to improve the quality of education worldwide.

Teachers Without Borders helps teachers achieve all of the above options in teaching and learning; helping teachers and countries to improve their educational systems and their communities.


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