How Teachers Benefit from using the Teachers without Borders Network

Teachers are able to be creative when they join up with Teachers Without Borders Network. For those teachers who desire to work “outside of the box,” this is one of the most fulfilling experiences that one could participate in. According to a Canadian teacher who worked in Canada; after giving a workshop in Kenya (one of the first); and after seeing a young male Kenyan teacher and facilitator with tears in his eyes, he writes on his blog: “Kenya has left a mark on me. We as Members of Teachers Without Borders Canada must continue in the valuable work that we do. We are helping to close the educational divide. Kenya will be stronger because of the young teacher who had tears in his eyes.”

The Canadian teacher and author; Dennie Kuzenko, says the United States has workshops many times; but this was rare for Kenya. He said the teacher with tears in his eyes is a valuable team member, and it will be difficult for them to go their separate ways.

This is just one example as to how teachers benefit from Teachers Without Borders Network. Not only were children educated; but the instructors have made a connection that will probably lead to a life-long friendship.

According to the United Nations, there are 121 million of the world’s children without education. With teachers like the aforementioned; students lives are being changed every day. There are many unemployed teachers throughout the United States, there are also teachers who are retired who have something to offer and some enjoy traveling to another country; and there are also those who are bored or dissatisfied with traditional methods of teaching. Teachers Without Borders Network would be a wonderful opportunity to give as well as receive both education and love to one of these 121 million who are without education.

Another group that is helping Teachers Without Borders Network is For those who go to the site to add a posting, to share ideas, etc.; they will trigger a donation from Cisco to Teachers Without Borders. They say teachers are viewed as the key to human welfare; they are the largest single group of trained professionals in the world. It is also their opinion that a global network of teachers are working together to bring education to millions.

Traditional teachers are rarely included in educational policy change or significant decision-making, according to; who invites collective wisdom from leaders from every culture to make all teachers more effective in contributing to the creation of a world that works for all.

In China and South Africa, Teachers Without Borders has provided continuous training in math, teaching techniques, and science (to name a few). They allow teachers to connect across borders, which enhances the dignity of the profession.

Teachers can also rely on the expertise of other teachers as well as local expertise. Continuous training is provided; in fact, you can create your own courses. They are currently requesting courses in literacy, disability education, practical-marketable skills, youth leadership, business development and entrepreneurship.

Teachers Without Borders benefits teachers in so many ways, for example; they are free to choose which country they want to teach in, (there are 26 countries); and because they are sharing, they will also receive love back from many children and others, and they are able to use their talents because they are not restricted to a certain set of guidelines. They can basically be creative.


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