How Teachers Benefit from using the Teachers without Borders Teacher Network

Teachers Without Borders(TWB) was the brain child of Dr. Fred Mednick. Its mision is to support teachers world wide with professional development opportunities. Teachers the world over can benefit from using Teachers Without Border by connecting and sharing information with teachers around the globe. Teachers can learn from each other through writing and sharing knowledge. They can have an opportunity to attend workshops funded by (TWB). These workshops can help them develop professionally. Teachers across the globe can benefit from using this organization by enrolling for a Certificate of Teaching Mastery, a five course development which help teachers become mentors and leaders. A case in point is that Teachers Without Borders trained 4,666 teachers from all over the world in 2008. In Africa it trained teachers in West and East Africa.

Teachers can benefit from using Teachers Without Borders in that their skills in teaching science, mathematics and English proficiency can be improved as the case in China and South Africa where Teachers Without Borders has provided continuous training in science inquiry methods, mathematics teaching techniques, and English language proficiency. Teachers can also benefit from this lovely organization by attending conferences organized by this organization.To date it has managed to hold conferences from regions in conflict in the middle East, Rwanda and India.

This organization can facilitate the free and open use of collective wisdom generated by teachers from every culture. It helps teachers improve their skills through interraction with other teachers in the field of teaching. This organization holds the view that educaion is unevenly distributed throughout the world but intelligent teachers are found every way in the world and they can be brought together to share knowledge through this forumn Teachers Without Borders. Teachers can benefit from this organization through internet facilities funded by Cisco public benefit investment group. This internet facility helps to connect teachers to information and to help them share knowledge without strings attached.

In conclusion one may say ,Teachers Without Borders(TWB) views teachers as multipliers, technology as accelerators and quality as illuminators.They are there to promote quality education across the globe through exchanging ideas and information. They are there to help teachers realize their full potential in teaching.They are there for the pupils to receive quality education despite their locality through in service training of teachers and sharing of information relevant to teaching. Teachers Without Borders aims at utilizing local expertise, it aims at improving the teachers at grassroots in every corner of the globe. Teachers in the remotest part of the world can still join this organization and have their voices in education heard without fear or favour.


Teachers Without Borders Website.