How Teachers Benefit from using the Teachers without Borders Teacher Network

The Teachers Without Borders Network (TWB) is all about empowering teachers everywhere by providing them with support, opportunities for development and tools that allow them to connect with other teachers and resources. The vision of TWB is a world where teachers are seen as the natural and obvious key to human welfare By using the TWB network, teachers can gain access to valuable resources and opportunities for growth, development, relationship building and forging bonds across the globe. By joining TWB you become part of a dynamic network contributing to the fulfillment of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

There are several benefits available to members of the TWB. One of the main benefits is professional development. Teachers can take courses and create their own. TWB is currently looking for courses in disability education and literacy, to name a few. You can participate in conferences geared toward the sharing of knowledge among teachers in different parts of the world as you learn new skills. Community teaching and learning centers offer additional teacher development, serve as a gathering place for teachers, and education space for local communities, and workshops geared to special needs and issues.

Teachers can access a professional development program that trains teachers to become mentors and leaders. The Certificate of Teaching Mastery (CTM) course is a teacher driven mentor supervised course where graduates can earn an e-portfolio and a certificate, opening up more opportunities for teacher advancement. The Millennium Development Ambassadors Program brings together educators and institutions with the purpose of fulfilling the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).These are worthy goals indeed and include the eradication of hunger and poverty, the promotion of gender equality and the attainment of universal primary education.

TWD allows participants to be a part of changing the world. By using your skills and engaging your passions, you contribute to the strengthening of communities and the building of strong, viable and lasting relationships. As a volunteer with TWB you can help with membership outreach, provide support to groups around the globe, mentor teachers around the world and act as subject matter experts. Discover the rewards of being a fundraiser, telling the world about TWB or working as a translator, content creator or helping with office support functions.

Whether you take training to improve your skills, volunteer or create course content, you will benefit from your membership with TWB. From contributing to the fulfillment of the United Nations development goals to sharing your knowledge with others, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your involvement has helped rebuild communities, spread knowledge and preserve cultures.