How Technology has Revolutionized Distance Learning

Technology has transformed teaching and learning in schools over the years preparing their students in the evolving society. However, technology has an impact on the lives of teachers and learners both positively and negatively

Technology has changed the role of a teacher. Gone are the days when students had to travel to school to get  information ask a question, ask for clarification, suggest what they think or even add on what the teacher has said. Technology has provided a platform where students and teachers can interact freely by posting blogs, online articles.

Technology has catered for the growing number of students in schools. Most schools are normally crowded because  of their quality of education. Technology has merged the distance between the schools and the learners. Learners can enroll to their dream school without necessarily been physically present if the school offers distance learning.  

 Technology has  revolutionized  distance education since students do not depended on teachers for education  availability of the World Wide Web has transformed peoples education providing flexible hours to access information, submit assignments online before deadline  or even downloading  e books  without incurring any cost.

Technology has enabled students to be self driven without any initiation from a teacher. The students are able to find information on their own without been forced by the teachers during class sessions. Helping slow learners find help through the internet and they do not have to slow the pace of other students.

Technology has also changed the roles of students. For many years, students received answers to the questions they did ask though with the technology and the search engines in World Wide Web. Students can discover the answers themselves and other information increasing their knowledge capacity by exploration.

Electronic technology has changed the mode of communication between educator and the student, long gone are the days when learning was only through paper and pen with change in technology it has been possible to transmit education courses using mass media providing as broader access to university courses

In the past students only interacted with other students and the instructor from the same geographical areas. Technology has allowed interaction with other people from other geographical area.

With technology students, studying distance learning can access recorded lectures. Students can replay the lectures at any time and access information while in the past when a student missed a class, she, or he could not replace the lecture hours.

Although, distance learning has negative impact on education since an instructor loses a certain aspects of leadership since he/she becomes a member of the team. The instructor cannot control this new learning environment.

Secondly, students do not study by comparing with others since in online education one cannot tell what others are doing. Student-to-student interaction, teacher-student interaction, and forms of teaching should be outlined audio, video, or print technologies.