How to Decide if Homeschooling is right for your Child

Homeschooling can be the answer for many parents who want to ensure that their children get the best possible education.  For many children, this can be the best choice, but for others, it may not be the best choice.  Here are some of the ways that you can determine whether homeschooling really is the best choice for your child. 

You first need to ask yourself objectively about your child’s intelligence level.  Extremely intelligent children may be better off if you homeschool them, because they tend to get bored easily in the classroom.  By the same token, children who are not able to keep up with their classmates may find themselves lost in a regular classroom.  If your children are on either end of the intelligence spectrum, you may be better off with homeschooling so that they can work at their own pace.  If they fall into the middle, as most children do, they will be fine in a public school.

You will also need to know if your child has any learning disabilities such as ADHD, autism, or dyslexia.  A child with ADHD, especially if you are choosing not to use medication to treat it, may be better off being homeschooled.  Some disabilities, like autism may be better off going to a public school where they are trained to handle the child’s particular kind of problem.  The best thing to do if there are disabilities involved is to visit the public schools and find out if they are prepared to handle your child’s particular disability and situation.  If they are, then sending your child to that school is the best option.  If they are not prepared, the best option may be homeschooling.

The most important consideration of all is whether or not you are prepared to teach your children at home.  In order to be able to homeschool your children, you have to be very organized.  You have to be able to stick to a routine regularly.  You have to really be able to have full authority over your children.  If you are unable to do these things, you may not want to attempt homeschooling your children. You do not want their education to suffer because you are unable to be organized enough.  If you are not able to teach them at home, you may be better off sending them to school.