How to get Tefl Certification Online

TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The person with a TEFL teaching certificate would teach English to non-English (non-native) speaking people, probably in a foreign country.

TEFL training will give you the skills you need to teach the English language. The focus of your training is to learn the “key skills needed to teach English to foreign learners”. This includes how to make it interesting, teach to different levels of students and create a desire to learn in your students.

Since you are probably already proficient in English as a native-English speaker, the focus is on how to teach your language to others. There are several different ways you can get your training, but this article will focus on getting your training on-line.

There are many, many places on-line to learn. It is important to check them out carefully to make sure they are accredited by a reputable company. There are also varying costs and time periods of study. Many of the sites also have help with the job hunt once you have completed your courses. Some jobs you may find will only require a degree in TEFL, but others may require another degree of some kind. Only you can decide what works for you.

One downside to taking courses on-line is the lack of actual face-to-face experience. But it allows you to work at your own pace in your own time.
TEFL is a great way to earn money while checking out another culture. If you like traveling abroad, and you like to teach, this job may be for you. The following are some recommended sites. This site: International TEFL Teacher Training is a very informative site. It tells you what TEFL is and all the information you will need to get your certification. This was the most informative site I checked out. International Teacher Training Organization This site allows you to compare prices. You can also get a phone number to talk to real people if you would like. They have a free download of a book called “The Little Book of TEFL” that gives reasons for taking a TEFL course, what is required for courses, “TEFL as a gap year option”. This site is also an informative site.

Regardless of where you choose to get your certification you will want to find out:

1. Is it accredited everywhere or only in certain countries?
2. How long will it take you?
3. How much will it cost?
4. Do they help you find a job?
5. Are they legitimate?
6. What kind of courses are there, and how are they graded’?
7. Will you be able to talk to a human if you need one?
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