How to Handle Anti Homeschooling Comments

Whilst some people think that homeschooling is a fantastic way of educating children that has a lot of benefits, there are many others who fail to see this and have a very negative attitude towards homeschooling.  If you have chosen to homeschool your child then it is likely that at some point you will be met with negative reactions and anti-homeschooling comments from other people.  Here are some ideas of ways in which you can handle negative comments about homeschooling.

Keep your cool

Everybody is entitled to their opinion and these will not always be the same as yours.  However, becoming agitated about it or confrontational will not help people to change their views.  In fact, it may back up any negative opinions that they have about people who homeschool their children.

Be armed with facts and statistics

Take a look on the internet for facts and statistics about the academic achievements and attainment levels reached by children who are educated at home.  When people give you negative comments about homeschooling, present them with the information that you have.  If you are armed with facts and statistics rather than just your opinion, then you will be able to present a much stronger, and more credible, argument for homeschooling.

Explain the benefits that you have experienced

Many people give negative comments as they are ignorant on the subject of homeschooling.  Calming explaining the benefits that you have found may enlighten them on the subject.  You can explain not only the benefits to your child’s learning, such as being able to tailor learning to suit your child and provide one to one attention on them, but also the other benefits that homeschooling has had on your life.  These may include things like reduced costs, more flexibility in your routines, career choices that don’t revolve around the school calendar and more quality time together as a family.


It may be the case that you just have to accept that a person’s opinion of homeschooling cannot be changed.  Not everybody will share your opinion and even when presented with the facts that you have provided them with about homeschooling, it is possible that they will still have negatives views about it.  Homeschooling is not for everyone and it is important that you can accept that homeschooling is a choice that you have made when considering what is best for your family and that some people will not always agree with this decision.