How to Handle Anti Homeschooling Comments

Handling anti-homeschooling comments depends on how adept the homeschooler is in showcasing his right to educate his children the way he sees fit.  Thus, here are five steps that you can peruse that will help you to handle anti-homeschooling comments:

1) Know why you became a homeschooler.  Your reasons for becoming a homeschooler far outweigh the criticisms that are engendered against you for doing what you do.  You know what you are capable of doing, and so you are determined to give your child or children the very best or even better than what your knowledge and skills have afforded you.

2) Confront the critic.  You must confront the critic and not allow those blatant criticisms keep you in the dark about your life’s work.  Only you know what you are capable of doing, but until you confront the critic you will never be able to deal effectively with those criticisms that are engendered against you.

3) Inform the critic.  You must let the critic know in no uncertain terms that his criticisms are not going to stop you from pursuing your life’s work.  Thus, informing the critic either directly or indirectly will help you deal with any anti-homeschooling comment. 

4) Turn unbelieving family members into believers.  This is almost as hard as confronting the critic, but you will do well if you honestly and consistently work with those members of your family who keep offering flack about your reasons for wanting to become a homeschooler.  Just remember to never give up, even when those close relatives give you their reasons why you should.

5) Ignore those anti-homeschooling comments.  Simply ignoring those anti-homeschooling comments is your right.  You don’t have to buckle down to anybody when it comes to making sure that your child or children are provided with the best that your brand of homeschooling can provide to them.  Furthermore, you will see that ignoring those negative comments when it comes to homeschooling your children will afford you the chance to become better at what you do.

Finally, follow these steps and you will not only be able to handle anti-homeschooling comments, but you will also  be able to defeat any criticisms engendered against you. So the more you adhere to these principles of successful practice, the better homeschooler you will eventually become.  Here’s to your success at becoming a better homeschooler.